Monday, August 1, 2011

A Young Girl Victims Of Sale Of Children's Encyclopedia

VIVAnews -a young girl from freeing the Police practice of selling children under (traficking), at the Hotel King Cross Complex Kokan Gems Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Saturday, July 30, 2011.

"We got a report from the family, and immediately perform a search in that location," said the head of the Central Police Services, Assistant Commissioner of Police k. Natin. Victims called Eneng that is now in units of Perlingungan women and children (PPA), Jakarta Utara, Polres to asked for captions.

According to Daniel, one of the relatives of the victim, a girl who was sitting in class two JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, disappeared over the past six months. "He disappeared during a home school," he said. This gorgeous girl looking for help from the hotel. Messages delivered via SMS received the victim's sister Octa.

Eneng establishes its relatives in the Harmony Central Jakarta. His parents live in Cimahi, West Java. Recognition of Octa, Eneng hard to get out of the hotel. Originally Eneng was offered a job with an income that is reasonably passable. But he is disappointed, because it turns out that the work was very damaging to the future.

"To stop working at the hotel, the Eneng have to pay compensation to the management authorities of Rp 25 million," he said.

The family had come to the Hotel several times but always failed to bring home the Eneng. Until finally made a report to the Polres North Jakarta. The liberation that lasted about an hour it runs quite a lot. (Report: Arnes Korupsi | Jakarta Utara, umi)

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