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Cinematic Sunrise was an American rock band signed to Equal Vision Records. It consisted of Craig Owens (vocals) and Bradley Bell (piano), along with Bryan Beeler (guitar), Marcus VanKirk (bass), Nick Martin (guitar), and Dave Shapiro (drums).
Owens and Beeler have been members of Cinematic Sunrise since its formation in Spring 2005. Beeler also played in the group Class of '83; drummer Dave Shapiro was previously in Count the Stars, Vankirk was in the group Radio Pirate Dj, and Nick Martin is part of both Underminded and Isles & Glaciers. Owens and Bell were both in Chiodos at the time Cinematic Sunrise was formed. The group differs significantly from Chiodos's post-hardcore sound, playing more in the vein of pop rock and pop punk. As Cinematic Sunrise, they are in the middle of a deal with Chiodos's label, Equal Vision, in 2008. The group's debut EP, the misleadingly titled A Coloring Storybook and Long Playing Record, was released on May 13, 2008. Beeler recorded, produced and engineered the EP. The EP dented the Billboard charts at #196 and hit #8 on the Top Heatseekers chart, as well as #26 on the Top Independent Albums chart. The EP was re-released in late October 2008, with two new songs, due to selling out of the original pressing of 10,000.

The group announced six final shows in December 2009. Pete Wentz of Fall out Boy joined the band for a few songs each night. Wentz came on stage as the band jokingly kicked Marcus Van Kirk off stage so Wentz could play,Marcus is still a member of the band and Owens' best friend. Bradley Bell was absent from this tour, presumably because he and Owens were not on good terms regarding their Chiodos split, and all keyboard parts were looped live. Drummer Dave Shapiro was also unable to play the bands final dates due to his conflicting schedule with The Agency Group.

Some song list Cinematic Sunrise : 

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