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  • shawnce
    Oct 25, 11:53 PM
    Do either IBM or Motorola have a quad-core chip on the horizon? IBM has been shipping 8 core POWER5 ( in a single MCM with 36 MiBs of L3 cache for a couple of years now. IBM ( has a long history with these types of things. ...of course they cost far more then what Intel is putting out in the near future.

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  • Bill McEnaney
    Mar 28, 12:28 AM
    You just quoted me as saying something I did not say. Please correct it.
    I'm sorry. I will correct it.

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  • ldburroughs
    Mar 18, 12:29 PM
    I wonder how long it'll be until Apple comes up with a fix for this?

    iTunes SP2??? I kid, I kid.

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  • econgeek
    Apr 12, 10:40 PM
    All video is native, it sounds like. It ingests, and as it ingests it makes a working copy that you edit with. On output it works with the original. I think they have eliminated (effectively) the distinction between "edit format" and "capture format".

    It sounds like some of the features of motion are built in.

    Live Type and other parts of the suite seem to be built in, from what I can gather.

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  • hunkaburningluv
    Apr 9, 11:21 AM
    That's where things are going.

    I read that a new XBOX might not be released for another 5 years and that the PlayStation is on a 10 year schedule. If that's actually the schedule, then the consoles could face serious competition from iOS and Android games.

    The graphics difference from the first iPhone to the iPhone 4 or iPad 2 is a great comparison. That's just four years. What if that advancement continues for the next four years � which is very likely � the graphics could be amazing on iOS devices.

    There's a fair bit of misconception in the 10 year lifecycle of the PS3 - the PS2 had a ten year lifecycle too, but the PS3 was released well into that 10 years. The 10 year thing is taken out of context. There will most likely be a ps4 in a couple of years (well, if Japan recovers from the current happenings). I think the same thing can apply to the 360 - there's been a lot of talk about some thing similar - I do think that we won't see anything this year due to the runaway success of Kinect. We'll most likely get an announcement next year and a release the year after. I've a feeling that we'll see something different in the way compatibility works as there was talk of forward "compatible games" many have taken their own thoughts on what that has meant though.

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  • Bill McEnaney
    Mar 26, 12:07 AM
    When your moral beliefs or beliefs about human nature are bigoted and wrong, yes, we will attack you. Get used to it because that is the direction the world is moving, like it or not.
    Matthew 5:10-12

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  • firestarter
    Apr 23, 07:49 PM
    Apple users question. Atheists/Agnostics question.

    You see a trend yet?

    Yarweh uses Windows
    Allah is still on CP/M
    The Buddah uses Unix
    And Atheists use Macs?

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  • AJsAWiz
    Jun 13, 06:17 PM
    I loved the iPhone, but the AT&T service is crap! It drops calls with 5 Bars and 3G, so the Towers are not the issue. If Steve Jobs would wake F&*$ up and get with Verizon then AT&T would go out of Business. I am now with Verizon which is where I came from to get the iPhone and I have not dropped a call yet?

    C'Mon Steve get the iPhone to Verizon.

    I've had the iPhone since it first came out ( currently have 3GS) and have just started having signal strength problems and dropped calls in the past year. This problem was far worse when I was with Verizon. It was so bad that Verizon, after seeing the history of calls to customer service, finally let me out of my contract without having to pay a termination fee. Then I went to AT&T.

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  • Liquorpuki
    Mar 15, 11:38 PM
    I did a little reading and now am a one minute expert... :p

    I've read these reactors did auto shut down when the earthquake hit. The problem is that the rods create tremendous persistent heat even after a shutdown, and it is the lack of cooling water that is causing the problem.

    Could it be considered a myth that any nuclear reactor can be expected to automatically safely shutdown when power to all safety systems are lost no matter how it is designed?

    And who was saying this could not be like Chernobyl??

    If you want to get technical, the lack of cooling water was caused by the inability to activate the backup generators. The switchgear for the backup generators was flooded by the tsunami. I could come up with a ton of engineering design decisions that could've prevented this and none of them have to do with the reactor or nuclear technology
    - Not putting critical switchgear in a basement that could get flooded
    - Pre-installing pumps in the basement to remove the water in the case of a flood
    - Having a redundant set of switchgear/BU generators with an additional switchover scheme in the event the primary switchgear malfunctions
    - Having an additional distribution panel or tap point so I could use portable generators to power the cooling system
    - Building a taller tsunami barrier
    - Putting all critical components in a secure building, not just the reactor.

    Even though the radiation leak is devastating because, well it's radiation, it's the electrical and structural engineers who failed here, not the nuclear engineers. Personally I think there needs be a design standards revision when it comes to nuclear stations, which is what I'm hoping other countries are referring to when they say they're watching and taking notes.

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  • 840quadra
    Apr 29, 10:48 PM
    First off, attitude aside, my calling the iPod's overall populairity a Fad is personal opinion, not a fact. Don't take it so personally. ;)

    There are a few other sites, blogs, people (do a twitter search ;) ) that feel the same way as I do. It is a Personal feeling, and so are all my responses to your points from which I am trying to explain my viewpoint on this subject, or debate.

    No, its a fully fledged iPod which has further functions. The music player is even called iPod. You use it in the same way you use old iPods (Artist, Genre, Album etc) except the interface has changed. Its an iPod.

    Yep the music player is called iPod, just like on the iPhone the Touch is based off of. User interface is totally different, so is the way it behaves as compared to a true classic 'iPod'.

    Remember using an old iPod? When you go out of the music player (while music is playing) to do something else, in most cases it returned to the music player after a period of time had gone by. If the screen went to sleep, simply take it out of Hold (if you put it in that), or touch the clickwheel, and you were back into the music player. Neither the touch, or the iPhone behave like this, the Music player is just an other Application among many, and no longer the star.

    Huh? If a trend of popularity lasts a decade, "even longer" it most certainly cannot be considered a fad, by any definition. Just because less and less people (in your eyes) are using them in their old form, doesn't make them a fad over a period of 10 years (and still selling well). Were VHS tapes or DVDs a fad? Were Playstation 1's a fad? Ill give you a fad...Moon Boots. Tiffany. Puffa Jackets. Hula Hoops.

    I have not seen a Dictionary definition of 'fad' with an established time limit. If you have one from a reputable dictionary, please share it.

    Remember, the iPod was an item to be worn, often in public, and most people (especially kids, and teens) were proud to display them either by holding them, wearing white headphones, or placing them visibly on desks or tables were they could be seen using them.

    Apple totally knew this, it is why they brought the Mini, Nano, and Black iPod to market, because they realized people saw iPods as a Fashion item.

    Items of Fashion are common among fads, and even though people didn't wear an iPod, for a period of time it was definitely "in" to be seen with one, especially the latest model to come out.

    Some things fade away very quickly after huge popularity. These are fads. Some things simply evolve or get superceded by a superior version. These aren't.

    The iPod wasn't an instant success, sales only really only took off after the introduction of the Dock Connecter, but mostly the Click Wheel. This places it in with big sales really starting in 2005. That timeframe to 2009 (which was peak iPod sales, and included the Touch) is only 4 - 5 years, not a decade.

    Apple doesn't break down sales of individual models in most cases, so it is hard to say exactly when sales of regular (non Touch) iPods started to fall off.

    Regardless, the masses of people don't want to carry around devices that are primarily music players anymore, they want to carry around pocketable multipurpose devices.

    Even though they existed before the iPhone, these multipurpose devices didn't really take off until the iPhone / iPod touch went to market. Prior to the iPhone there were countless, Smartphones, feature phones, and PDAs. Many of these sold for less than some iPod models (especially Palm PDAs, and some feature phones) but none sold like the iPod. The iPod was the thing to have.

    The iPod came out years after the first mp3 players existed, and yet managed to completely dominate the market very quickly and stayed dominant for 10 years. They have become so intrinsically intertwined in what they do, that many people mistakenly refer to them as a generic term for all mp3 players - people come into my shop asking for Sony iPods for example.

    Agreed, There were many MP3 players before, during, and after the heyday of the iPod. Many were cheaper, similar in ease of use, higher in features, and had better audio quality than the iPod. But, they weren't as cool, they weren't the iPod, people wanted the iPod because it's the thing to have.

    The Popular item that everyone wants, or want's to be seen with is often what gives it a fad status.

    If we were still using the 2001 models it would be a crazy world we live in, but iPhones are still iPods, Touches are still iPods and the original still sells well as the Classic, with the Nano and Shuffle also far more popular than any other none Apple product on the music market. This is 10 years on.

    I understand your viewpoints, respect your opinion, and appreciate your time in sharing them. I can totally see and respect why people wouldn't see the iPod as being either a fad, or part of one. I just look at it a bit differently.

    Yeah, you still don't understand what a fad is. Wow.

    When you learn to be a constructive participant of a conversation, as opposed to just snide, I would be more than happy to discuss my viewpoints with you.


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  • longstech
    Nov 12, 02:09 PM
    Now I drop calls and cannot connect to incoming calls about 60% of the time on my iphone 4...

    And when I call my wife on her 3GS its like 90% of the time failing first try.

    I live 50 yards from a brand new tower. Seems when I go to other parts of Henderson/Vegas it is not as bad...

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  • HyperX13
    Apr 15, 10:43 AM
    Many church groups are trying to take away your our rights. We're just trying to be ourselves. I'm sorry, but I have no respect for any group that wants to take the rights of others. We are not trying to take anything form religious groups that don;t like us, but they are trying to take something form us. Big difference.

    Exactly! I agree with you. I am a womanizer and I hate it when a church tells me I can't sleep with a different woman every night! I do plan on switching to polygamy and I hope the government gives me all the rights associated with my switch! Do you think Apple's womanizing employees will put out a video that it will be easier for me?

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  • Blipp
    Apr 13, 01:20 PM
    So basically what you are saying is that you are a two bit hack and a kid with just an ounce of creativity can easily replace you because any kid can afford a $300 program, whereas a $900 one keeps them artificially out of the game.

    The really ironic thing about your post is that FCP 1.0 was a cost revolution itself bringing video editing to he masses for really the first time ever, which you took advantage of. Now that Apple is doing it again and you are at risk you seemingly outraged.

    Try and get your facts right before spouting off and obviously you are no pro app user. Premier was before FCP and FCP was taken from premier as the person who built FCP was the same. Premier was the first cost revolution not FCP.1 as Macs didn't sell many at that point. It stands to reason that if you dilute something in price it will then be worth less, and in business you need a premium product to keep your head above water.. Its all very well Apple releasing garage band as this is ment for kids and individuals to play around with and when or if they decide to go and pursue this for a career they can up sell them to Logic or Pro Tools etc. This is a huge step up for that route, but what I am saying is this: If everyone has the same tools then how can it be called a pro app? The new FCP is pretty much based on Imovie and for those who dont except that try and use them both together and then you will see.

    Take the Red camera.. this could sell for 5k and everyone would have one, so why would you pay a daily rate of $1500 to have someone use a camera that only costs $5k? Wake up and smell the coffee but as your post indicates you dont live in the real world as companies will pay more for something they feel is better than it really is. Its simple business logic and psychology. Companies pay a premium for a professional using professional gear not an app you download from the app store.You're still just spouting the same point they are ragging on you about which is that the only thing separating you from everyone else is that you can afford the big toys and they can't. Where is the talent, customer service, work ethic and turn around time that sets you apart? A "pro" app isn't pro because it costs more, it's pro because of the tools it offers to the user. Just because some schmo can sit down in FCPX and crap out a family video doesn't mean he knows how to use all the tools together to make something truly unique with a professional's touch. Just because I own a tool box and some wrenches doesn't mean I'm going to put my mechanic out of business.

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  • joepunk
    Mar 12, 07:56 PM
    0106 ( The director general of the UN nuclear watchdog (IAEA), Yukiya Amano, says he hopes the actions taken by the Japanese authorities at the power plant will be successful: "The IAEA was informed by the Japanese authorities that the explosion occurred outside the primary containment vessel at unit one and the integrity of that vessel is confirmed. The IAEA has been informed that sea water with boron is being injected into the vessel as a counter-measure to prevent possible damage to the core. I hope that the sea water will be injected successfully and that the safety of unit one will be established as soon as possible."

    0147: The legal limit for radioactivity has been passed at the Fukushima plant, AFP says, quoting Japan's Kyodo news agency.

    0152: Yaroslav Shtrombakh, a Russian nuclear expert, has told the Associated Press that it is unlikely that the Japanese plant will suffer a meltdown like the one in 1986 at Chernobyl, when a reactor exploded and sent a cloud of radiation over much of Europe. That reactor, unlike the reactors at Fukushima, was not housed in a sealed container.

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  • baryon
    Apr 13, 03:32 AM
    Amazing! I love it. This is what Video Editing was in serious need of.

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  • Gelfin
    Mar 27, 09:23 AM
    If homosexuality were genetic, why are some identical twins born heterosexual when their twins turn out to feel same-sex-attractions?

    If homosexuality has no genetic component, why do twins raised separately have a greater chance of sharing an orientation? Why do homosexuals disproportionately display a variety of physical traits from handedness to hair whorls? I suppose lack of masculine identification at precisely two years of age makes men left-handed as well.

    But I forget, you're Catholic. You probably still favor beating children until they stop using "the devil's hand" too.

    That sounds like an ad hominem attack against Nicolosi. I agree with him and with his coworker who gave the lecture.

    You're damned right it is, because sometimes the person earns the attack. Nicolosi is a monster who encourages homophobic parents to commit their children involuntarily to a regimen of religiously-themed brainwashing. He can legitimately claim almost negligible success rates, and his organization is staffed by convicted con artists and desperately self-hating homosexuals who crash spectacularly in public. The "new discoveries" he claims sound strangely identical to rejected post hoc rationalizations of stereotypes formerly applied to homosexuals back when they were a disparaged and poorly understood group. We now understand that homosexuality is not effeminacy, and that when not being tormented by people who hate them and encourage them to hate themselves, homosexuals show no independent signs of psychological distress related to their orientation.

    This man is a charlatan. And it is clear you believe him because he tells you what you'd like to hear. You are following the pattern of every follower of quacks and quackery: you cling tenaciously to obscure and debunked ideas, hearing and accepting them without question, but then defend them against criticism by suddenly becoming almost comically hypercritical, citing the slim chance that not only that the overwhelming scientific consensus might be wrong, but that the overwhelming scientific consensus is driven by a massive conspiracy to prevent your huckster from selling his snake oil to the world. Your responses in this thread make it clear you have no intention of undertaking any critical thought. You'll just accept whatever somebody tells you if you feel like it makes it okay for you to not like gay people.

    Notice, your APA contradiction contradicts Gelfin's opinion the homosexuality has no psychological/environmental causes. Gelfin says there's no evidence that it has those causes.

    Notice, Gelfin said no such damned thing. Do not put words in my mouth.

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  • bousozoku
    Aug 30, 07:19 AM
    It does concern me but I've yet to dispose of any equipment. Everything about our daily lives abounds with waste, doesn't it?

    I recycle whenever I can, but just because something has a recycling symbol doesn't mean that the company overseeing local recycling will accept it because they might not have the facilities to process it.

    My car obviously pollutes more than I like even though the catalytic converter has been replaced and using air conditioning (car or home) uses chemicals that also pollute.

    I don't trust Greenpeace any more than I trust our government. They're on opposite ends and neither cares about the truth. Either can be bought.

    Having seen videos of Greenpeace in operation, I wonder if their "operations" are environmentally-friendly, whether it be a simple protest or an attack on a whaling ship.

    After all this, Apple indeed need to get the lead out and clean up their act. Seeing as how the AirPort Extreme Basestation and iSight were recently removed from the EU shows that they have work to do.

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 31, 07:05 PM
    Yeah I know. So are you thinking the Dual Clovertown may be a dog 'cause both sets of four cores have to share one bus each? If it won't really run faster what's the point? I hope that isn't going to be a problem for "simple" video compression work which is all I want it for.

    I think for most tasks the extra cores will be beneficial - especially once software catches up and can properly take advantage. But I can see bandwidth-intensive applications having trouble. Uncompressed video editing and compositing could hit a bottleneck here when running several streams at 1080p or 2K ~ 4K film res. I'm personally not too worried about it with most of the work I do, which is 3D rendering and that's farily low-bandwidth with lots of intense calculations. I do quite a bit of video work and lots of editing of my animation output, but even at HD resolutions I don't usually work with enough streams or simultaneous sources to saturate my bus bandwidth. Or at least the bus hasn't become a bottleneck for my G5 Quads or Quad Opteron systems just yet. ...Or should I say the software hasn't allowed it to be. But I'm eagerly awaiting the 8-core Macs and I'm hoping Apple may bring a few other upgrades to the config page with the next update. It's starting to look like a new Mac Pro isn't in the budget for this year, but who knows. I'm planning to buy one if I can...

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  • jav6454
    Mar 13, 05:01 PM
    Nuclear Power? I already have one such plant and reactor in my backyard....

    Sep 12, 07:48 PM
    I think this will be a great first step for Apple. Long term, I'd like to be able archive all my DVDs and play them through iTunes, just as I have done with my CDs. In the mid to long term, this would mean that Apple would have to work out a deal with a DRM solution with the content owners that would allow for a DVD (obviously this would not work with my currently owned DVDs) to be stored on a computer - authenticating back to the content owner's server, for example.

    It may not be worth it, as everything will likely go to digital delivery anyway, in time.

    I also would like a DVR, but in the long run, the traditional delivery model of TV will likely change. iTunes is a small foretaste. This would be huge, as it would necessarily change where, who, and how advertising dollars would be made. I betcha this will be keeping the cable, network, and movie execs up at night thinking through how they can control this potential shift in power and revenue to their own benefit.

    All I know is I want to get rid of all the boxes surrounding my TV and speaker system, and be able to control all my TV, video, and audio assets through the TV - in the kind of eloquent way that it seems only Apple is capable of (I am sure this is not true - but I believe they have the best shot at providing an end-to-end user-friendly system).

    The next few years are going to be very interesting.

    Feb 20, 09:22 AM
    I tried installing the android sdk, it is the usual linux crapfest of having to fix and tweak everything. After 1 hour I still could not get it working. Absolutely appalling, makes me wonder about google. Aapl wants max lockdown on all their **** but at least it works.

    Ease of use - uh.. look at XCode:

    You've got to go through bloody hoops to be able to debug Unit Tests on XCode! XCode can be extremely long winded, whilst in other IDEs - no hassles what so ever! I'm not saying that XCode completely sucks, but Apple could do a lot to improve it.

    ( Unit Tests considered being a vital part of application development )

    May 2, 11:36 AM
    4. Run a Spotlight search for "MACDefender" to check for any associated files that might still be lingering

    That's a sure way *not* to find any related files.
    The only effective method for complete app removal is manual deletion:
    Best way to FULLY DELETE a program (
    One thing Macs need anti-virus is to scan mails for Windows viruses, so that those doesn't to you PC. That is all.
    That doesn't protect Windows PCs from malware from other sources, which is a far greater threat than receiving files from a Mac. Each Windows user should be running their own anti-virus, to protect them from malware from all sources.
    Yes so much. Because Malware can copy itself and infect a computer.
    No, only a virus can do that. A trojan requires user involvement to spread.
    So few virus for MAC than when one appears it is news... :)
    This isn't a virus.
    Mac OS X fanboys really need to stop clinging to the mentality that "viruses" don't exist for OS X and that "malware" is a Windows-only problem.
    I agree. While no Mac OS X viruses exist at this time, that doesn't mean they won't in the future. And malware has always been a threat. What's important is to understand the kinds of threats and the most effective methods for protection.

    The fact is, the days of viruses are long gone.
    I wouldn't go so far as to say that. Just when you do, someone will release a new virus into the wild. While they may not be as prevalent as they once were, they're by no means extinct.

    The fact is, understanding the proper terminology and different payloads and impacts of the different types of malware prevents unnecessary panic and promotes a proper security strategy.

    I'd say it's people that try to just lump all malware together in the same category, making a trojan that relies on social engineering sound as bad as a self-replicating worm that spreads using a remote execution/privilege escalation bug that are quite ignorant of general computer security.
    The best defense a Mac user has against current malware threats is education and common sense. Understanding the basic differences between a virus, trojan, worm, and other types of malware will help a user defend against them. Doing simple things like unchecking the "Open "safe" files after downloading" option is quite effective.

    I despise the "X is a file downloaded from the Internet" dialog introduced in SL. Really wish you could disable it.
    That's one of the simple lines of defense for a user, as it lets them know they're about to open a newly-downloaded app. It only does that the first time you launch the app, so why bother disabling such a helpful reminder?
    To the end user it makes no difference. It's fine if you know, but to a novice quickly correcting them on the difference between a virus, a trojan, or whatever else contributes approximately zero percent towards solving the problem.
    Actually, it helps a user to have some understanding about malware. Part of the problem is a novice user is likely to engage in dangerous activities, such as installing pirated software, unless they know what a trojan is and how it infects a system. Also, understanding what a virus is, how it spreads, and the fact that none exist for Mac OS X will prevent them from instantly assuming that everything unexpected that happens on their Mac is the result of a virus. Also, understanding that antivirus apps can't detect a virus that doesn't yet exist will prevent them from installing AV and having a false sense of security, thinking they're immune to threats. Educating a user goes a very long way in protecting them, by teaching them to practice safe computing habits.

    Mac Virus/Malware Info (

    Sep 12, 04:00 PM
    Please excuse me if I am missing something totally obvious here as I am a relatively new convert to Apple.

    This looks like a nice little solution but I am not sure its anything revoloutionary. I currently have an airport express in the bedroom connected to an eyehome unit that does the same job as far as i can see.

    Granted it cannot handle Purchased itunes songs ( which i can stream out of the airport directly though) and I guess therfore wont play itunes movies - but that is an apple restriction on ElGato.

    As far as TV goes though, this setup with an EyeTV 200 attached to the computer is effectively the Tivo Killer I keep hearing talk of - I certainly chose this route after discovering that the tivo lifetime licenses were not available any more and not wanting another bill every month.

    The apple box also would not work for me (as far as I could see) as I use a regular old TV in the bedroom without component inputs - just rca and s video.

    Plus I get the benefit of the airport express extending my wireless network into the bedroom so laptop access is great throughout the house now.

    Seems that downloaded movies arent going to be big in this house if i need to replace current hardware with something so similar that wont drive my TV (and who knows if it will pick up eyeTV programs either ) just to watch the purchased movies.

    So can someone enlighten me what was so different about the Eyehome and airport express combo that makes this new box so great ? ( I am really open to being convinced - dont usually have a problem talking myself ito new toys)

    Current setup Will be even better when this 700 G4 gets replaced by the new 24" imac arriving Friday ....... wasnt supposed to ship until the 18th !!!! Im Stoked


    Apr 22, 09:49 PM
    It's believed that the Higgs Boson exists but as yet there is no proof of its existence.

    And if over two thousand years from now people still believe in the Higgs Boson despite no evidence that it exists I'd likely be skeptical of their beliefs as well.

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